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ROI – Return on Inclusiveness

I recently attended a session on inclusiveness and diversity for organizations and found it enlightening.  Although progress has been made in this area, it seems as though we still have a long way to go to meet our human potential.  Group vision is often distorted due to the failure to broaden our field of vision by including others.  The idea that there is a need for more diversity and inclusiveness in business is frequently a hard sale for organizations who hesitate to promote soft individual interaction skills in favor of promoting an environment of knowing verses learning.  Ironically, those who believe that knowing is stronger than learning usually have the most unpredictable outcomes because they are not open to a broader, more realistic view of the world that acknowledges that we still operate largely in the unknown, and if we are not operating in the unknown, then we are not taking enough risks to be successful in a fast moving world.

There is a saying that paybacks are hell, but in the financial world paybacks are a sign that you have made a reasonable investment and have the potential to realize gain.  In personal relationships, the term payback sometimes has a negative connotation; however, paybacks in terms of individual interactions can represent the potential gain we will realize when we invest in others— in taking the time to be open to different experiences and approaches.  To truly realize the benefits of paybacks, we have to take risks… those risks in a group or team setting involve promoting an environment of inclusiveness even when it is politically unpopular.  Without being willing to take a risk on including those with varying backgrounds and perspectives, then the potential for receiving a good return is almost non-existent for organizations.  Today, to be competitive in the market place, we need to be creative, bold and intuitive.  These qualities can only be grown in a generative environment that values right brain thinking.  Open up yourself and your work teams to the concept of inclusiveness and the potential for exponential returns on the risk of exposing yourself to new people and new ideas.

I think it is time for paybacks…

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