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Winter is over; the cold weather is almost gone.  I am so glad; I hate the bitterness of the cold.  I love it when plants and flowers begin to bloom again.  It gives me hope; it reminds me that no matter how bitter the winter, that there is the renewal of spring, and the chance for the world to be beautiful again.  I recently read the unattributed quote that “what distinguishes what’s alive from what is dead is growth, whether it be in plants or in you.”

It is important to remember that no matter what the setbacks that we may experience in life or in our careers that as long as we focus on growth through continued learning, we will prosper.  Continuous learning is a valued principle in the Agile world.  At the root of this concept of continuous learning is the belief that no matter how strong we may be, we all will be challenged with setbacks and failures.  The teams that prosper are those that self-examine regularly and use the power of inspection and introspection to make the changes necessary to be successful in the future.

The individuals that are the most successful in life are those that make ongoing learning a part of their everyday lives.  Continuous learners use learning to stay active and alive, and vibrance from their knowledge pollinates to all around them.  Continuous learning helps us grow upward toward the sun, avoiding the weeds that would choke away the light.  This spring, stop in your busy life and take a moment to look at the renewal going on all around you.   If you like what you see, then consider making continuous growth and renewal a part of your personal world.

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