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My PMP Exam Experience:  Part III

When the PMP exam day arrived, as I drove to the testing center, I was mentally reviewing my “brain dump” and hoping that my preparation would pay off.  I somewhat wished that I had just a little more time to prepare -–to order and review Rita Mulcahy’s preparation materials.  I had read online that Rita’s materials and tests were among the best, but my allotted preparation time was up so I went ahead to test in early May 2012.

At the center, I was asked to check in, along with the other test-taking hopefuls — those testing for the GMAT, the GRE, the Teacher Certification Exam,  and many other professional and academic exams.  The testing center was very professional and thorough.  My ID was double-checked to insure that it matched my registration papers.  Personal items had to be deposited into the provided lockers, including hats and watches.  I waited in the lobby until my name was called, and then I moved back to another area.  In this area, I waited again to be fingerprinted, and I was asked to show that my pockets were empty.  I was handed several sheets of blank blue paper and a pencil.

Finally, I was allowed to move into the exam room.  I had 15 minutes to go through a computer tutorial.  I used about 10 of those to write my “brain dump” on the blue pieces of paper.  The tutorial time ticked down, and then the four-hour exam began.  As I read the first question, it seemed different than all my preparation, so I took my best shot and moved on.  Each question and answer (200 in total) was a full computer screen.  I felt pressed for time; however, in reality, I finished in about three hours and took 45 minutes to review my answers for the first half of the test.  When the time ticked down to about 10 minutes remaining, I held my breath and pressed submit.  Much to my ecstatic relief a message popped up something to the effect: “Congratulations! You have passed the PMP Exam.”





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