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26.12 20160

Season’s Greetings — Keeping It Real

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Since childhood I always have loved Christmas.  It has been a magical time for me. In chIldhood, Santa would come and leave gifts for my sister, my brother and me for being good.  Usually,  we were not exceptionally good, but he would leave gifts anyway.

As I grew older "balloon poppers" wanted to tell me that Santa was not real, but I held tight to my belief.  Who would want to let go of the idea that such goodness exists in the world?  It is such grace to receive gifts from an unknown person expecting no return other than we try to follow the example of his goodness.  Even when I came to understand that my parents played the role of Santa, I still believed in the Christmas spirit...selfless love and the pursuit of goodness.

As an adult I stopped receiving gifts from Santa, but  I grew into the role of becoming Santa for my own children...of passing on to them the magic of Christmas... anonymous, selfless giving and the pursuit of goodness, even knowing that we can never be perfectly worthy of the gift.  As a parent, there comes a point when our children ask us if Santa is real.   My answer is yes; I don't want to let go of that goodness... Santa is real; the magic is real; the selfless love is real.  That magic, love and goodness continues on in the hearts of every child who eventually turns into Santa themselves.  There are those who say Santa is a lie, but I refute such a pessimistic notion in that lies do not produce such beautiful outcomes.  Through Santa, the goodness in the world grows exponentially.

My answer to the question, "Is Santa real?"  is "yes."  Santa and the spirit of Christmas is real.   In one of my favorite  children's classic books, The Velveteen Rabbit, the stuffed bunny in the book asks how to become real, and the answer offered is to be loved.  The Christmas answer of how to stay real is to give love.

The holiday season is a time when we pause in our day to day lives to proactively think of others.  May the Christmas spirit of receiving and giving love stay with you throughout the year in all your interactions and all that you do.  Take forward the idea of giving selflessly of yourself and watch the exponential growth of goodness take hold around you in all your endeavors.

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