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A Walk on the Wild Side

I am an inhabitant of North America, but recently, a snow leopard crossed my path. I know that it seems a bit crazy since snow leopards are found in the Himalayas of Asia, but I had an encounter with a snow leopard. Really it was just a business conversation that involved a brief discussion of a snow leopard, but the conversation got me thinking. I immediately began searching for meaning, and this is what I discovered…

It is said that an encounter with a snow leopard never happens by chance. The encounter is always “on purpose,” and there are powerful lessons to be learned from such an elusive and secretive animal when it makes itself known to you. I consulted the Universe of Symbolism and discovered that snow leopards are the symbol for intuition. When a snow leopard appears on your path, in any form, the meaning is that you need to trust your own intuition. If the symbol persists in your midst, then you are being called to trust in what you cannot see.

My thoughts turned to what lessons could be garnered from my encounter. Intuition is important because it can lead you to what you want, as well as point you away from eminent danger and mistakes. Following are some strategies I found for promoting the development of intuition in interactions with others:

ABANDON FEAR AND EGO – Move away from behaviors prompted from fear and ego. Fear and ego cause us to numb our senses instead of heighten our own perceptions of our environment. • SEEK SILENCE – Revel in silence as a way to awaken your senses to hear profound messages. Silence allows us to see otherwise hidden opportunities and dangers. •HEIGHTEN PERCEPTIONS – Become open to perceiving the elements around you. With heightened perception, we see what others miss. The more we use intuition, the more it grows and becomes responsive to our needs. • FOLLOW INNER GUIDANCE – Learn to be in tune with your thoughts and ideas and develop self -trust for following through with your instincts. Pay attention to your own response to ideas and projects… Do the ideas and projects bring tension or a feeling of ease? Tension means you should go in another direction. The path will lead to blocks and rework. Ease means that you will find assistance with your ideas rather than resistance. You may have challenges, but the challenges will make you smarter and stronger. •SHARE LEARNING WITH OTHERS – Impart to others what you have learned. When you impart learning you reach an elevated state of personal fulfillment by benefiting those around you with your ideas and actions.

Legend says that there is a hidden oasis of peace and prosperity in the Himalayas, where the snow leopards live, and that this land is only for those who are in accord with the highest vibrations of being, a personal energy that can promote the well being of all when shared with the world. To find that hidden oasis, we need to use intuition to listen to our own instincts to help us choose the path that makes us smarter and stronger to benefit the world.

Since you are reading this article, the snow leopard now has crossed your path as well, and you should seek to use your intuition to benefit those around you with your ideas and projects. Use intuition in your interactions with the teams and groups with whom you work and let it guide you on a path for the good of the whole.

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