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01.12 20140

Think of the Possibilities…

If I could change the world… I would make it more peaceful, kinder, more intelligent, more creative, more grateful…fill in the blank. We believe that the world is wrong the way it is. It is wrong because it not the way we want it to be, not like us.   The real truth is that more than not being like us, the world is not the way we want ourselves to be.   Leo Tolstoy in one of his many moments of great wisdom remarked that everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. Our view of the world is distorted by how we view ourselves rather than the ills that are in the world. If we can stop directing blame to others and deal with the reality of who we are, then we can begin to have huge impacts. What if it is not the other guy’s problem after all? What is it our own problem that is at the root of the troubles we are having? Can we deal with that? The truth is that we can deal with our own problems more easily than we can deal with the other guy’s problems. We have no control over others and what they have done or will do. We only have control over ourselves. Our next move is entirely our own. If we move away from the blame shifting mentality, then our next move can be onward and upward. Our limitations in the world are not due to some innate problem with the world. Our limitations are not due to limited possibilities, but rather our limitations are due to our own limited thinking and desire to control others rather than perfect self control. If we would like to create magic this holiday season, then it will not come from creating peace on earth, but from creating peace within. We can achieve peace within by promoting self accountability at its highest. The belief that our actions have impacts and that we control our actions is one of the strongest belief systems of effective individuals. If we cede control of our actions to others or maintain the false belief that things happen just because that is the way the world works, then we are self-limiting our impact in the world. If we mind shift to purposeful thinking, we begin to have impact because our focus is not on what we can not change, but rather on what we can change about ourselves. Leadership involves encouraging others to believe in what is possible for them and helping them to direct their possibilities on the right course. All things are possible; pass the word on.

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