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11.01 20140

Escaping Gravity

By: michelemuse Categories:Agile

Gravity holds us to the earth.  What if the earth is not a pleasant place for you to be at the moment?  Should you allow yourself to be held down by gravity?  After all, gravity comes from the same root word as grave…serious or deadly.  When we allow ourselves to be defined by the current situation, we are killing the potential we have to rise above it and find a lighter place with a better view. As an agile coach, I failed recently.  I hate when that happens.  I gave advice instead of coaching.  I did not seek to understand “why” before I made a judgment.  I put quantitative analysis before qualitative assessment.  Calculations have to make sense in terms of the present situation; however, we need to understand the context of a situation before we begin to determine what statistics and measures are required.  When we open our minds to the world of possibilities, many answers can be correct. Imagination is genius, not numbers.  Imagination allows us to escape what is not working and to move toward a different place where we can create a new reality.  Sometimes we have to use what is not working to imagine what possibilities there are to create as alternatives. We need to project ourselves forward to the ideal, instead of letting reality rule and hold us down.  Greatness is achieved when we do not accept our limitations.  We win when we redefine our situation in new and creative ways.  Cut the cord pulling you down and drift upward.

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