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Have you ever been lost in the woods?  It is a scary feeling.  There is a sense of being overwhelmed and then panic sets in.  Finally, an unexplainable calm takes over as you begin to summon  all of the rationality, knowledge and keen observation of the present situation that you can manage. As kids, my brother, cousins and I loved to hike to a cave with ancient drawings on the walls that was located deep in the woods.  On one occasion, we decided to go it alone without adult guidance. After we made it to the cave and as we started to leave, there was a dispute about the right way to go home. I decided to follow my cousin who was local to the area.  My older brother advised against this and took my cousin's younger brother with him.  As it turns out, my cousin really didn't know the way home ...she was over confident, and it was not long before she began to panic.  I, knowing nothing of the area nor hiking, had to calm her.  I had gotten "in deep"  by choosing the wrong leadership.  I began leading her against the stream's current as I remembered something about the way we walked in. After a while, we came upon a group of hunters but decided that it was not safe to approach strangers alone in the woods.  We finally came to a road and heard voices calling us.  My brother, who was very familiar with the area because he had spent time hunting,  had gone to get our family, and they were searching the woods for us. How do you reverse a negative situation when you have followed the wrong guidance or leadership?   How do you avoid asking for help from a dangerous source? Many other life circumstances are like being lost in the woods.  The instructions we must follow are the same ...stop the panic and remain calm, observe closely, and proceed forward leaving a trail to prevent circling, tiring and getting nowhere. When in business you are lost in the woods...let a sense of calm take over, use your knowledge that you have accumulated over the course of your career and develop a keen sense of observation of the present situation. Take very deliberate steps, slowly proceeding forward with caution.  Don't take an easy out that may lead to more trouble...most importantly, be careful of who you trust to lead you out of the woods. At Thanksgiving, I am thankful for those who come  looking for me when I get lost in the woods.  Let's all be thankful for the people who support us and help us in times when we have trusted the wrong people and made bad decisions.  Let lessons learned guide future action.

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