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27.10 20130

Definition of a Person

How do you define yourself as a person?  Are you constantly striving for a big accomplishment so that you can feel successful?  In life, we want to win big, but winning big really means winning small on a daily basis.  The big win feels great, but it is a fleeting moment and often it is not what we imagined.  Our lives and sense of satisfaction are built upon how we reach the big win...our path.   It is the journey, not the destination that provides the challenge and the motivation to continue and to realize fulfillment in our lives.

I was visiting a colleague the other day, following up with him because I saw him earlier that day, and he had not looked his normal cheerful self.  I asked him what was the problem, and he told me that a big project that he had been working on had ended.  I asked about the outcome, and he said that it was a good one.  I then asked why he was bothered if the project had a good outcome.  He told me that he had worked on this project for two years closely with a particular group of people and that he was going to miss the team. For two years, there was a buildup to this moment, but the real value had been in the work he had done with the people.  He had not really realized  the value of the teamwork until the project was over.

I know another person that has been at a place in his life where he has found himself embattled, struggling with someone else to win a certain objective.  After spending a great deal of time attempting to ensure that he wins the objective, he has realized that the end gain is not worth the amount of life and relationships that he has spent trying to achieve it.  Although he might win the objective, he has lost the most important things along the way in trying to achieve what he thought he wanted.

True satisfaction must come from being  present to the people and situations in our lives at the moment.  We should not live for the big win...we must always strive to be the kind of people who are winning what matters on a daily basis.  When we arrive at the big win, we can be nonchalant because one big moment does not define our success as a person.

As an agile coach, I work with teams to promote the concepts of building shared experience through teamwork and striving for continuous improvement.  After all, it is the journey and the companionship for the journey that are most fulfilling.  When we do summit, the experience has  more meaning when it is shared, and when we know that we are prepared to quickly reset our sights for a new horizon.

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