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13.08 20130

Drawing the Line

By: michelemuse Categories:Agile

The Maginot Line was a series of bunkers built by France between WWI and WWII to protect its border with Germany. When the Germans invaded France in the 1930's, they simply went around the defenses by going through Belgium.  In our own lives, we too needlessly build Maginot lines, never seeing the real issues and wasting our efforts on an unnecessary defense when an offensive position would be more productive. We live our lives and make decisions based upon what we think is true, not based upon what is really true for us at the time.  Our view of the truth is based upon what we know of the past, not necessarily the conditions of the moment.  The more we try to delay reality to fit our worldview, the more collateral damage that gets done.  We will stay in relationships--both personal and professional that are very unhealthy merely because they give us a false sense of security....a sense that everything is okay because it seems to be known and predictable, but this is the farthest from reality.  When our sense of security is built upon a house of cards, eventually it will fall. In my work with project teams, I have noticed a reluctance to move away from traditional practices that cling to the idea that we can in fact control things to such a level that we can identify a complete and unchanging project scope up front.  This perceived reality drives people to focus on their plan, rather than what is happening today and, in turn, the desired end results. We need to learn to shift our focus to the planning instead of the plan, adapting to the situation.  We should fixate on the opportunity instead of the threat.  The most promising action we can take here is to deal with our own insecurities early on and alter our actions to suite a new altered reality.  In dealing with things as they are, not as we would like them to be, we grow and make better decisions than we would if we clung to the old way of being. Don't consider your sunk cost - consider your present situation.  Deal with the reality of the moment and not the loss.  Maintaining a losing position not only deepens present losses but also represents a loss of opportunity of the other possibilities that there are for you.  Live life agilely.  Deal with change early and often.

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