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16.07 20130

Catch the Wave

By: michelemuse Categories:Agile

I love the thought of summer.. it makes me think of relaxing things, even if I never truly get the chance to relax.  Summer is not complete without a trip to the coast.  I really enjoy the coast...there is nothing like the beauty and power of the ocean.  As we wonder out into the blue waters, sometimes we forget how powerful they really are.  Some of the most beautiful oceans in the world are not swimable due to the threat of riptides. Riptides are an interesting concept with many life lessons attached.  Waters can look calm and beautiful, but underneath there are rocks and a powerful undertow ready to sweep you out to sea.  Instructions for surviving being caught in a riptide are counter-intuitive. If you fight the currant and try to swim back to shore, you will waste your energy, tire, be pulled under and drown.  To escape a riptide, you must swim out to sea with the is scary, as you are carried farther and farther from the shore, but you must wait until the riptide subsides in order to begin to swim back to shore.  It is the only way to survive.   As we move farther and farther out, we know we will have to get back, storing up our physical and mental reserves for the journey.

Many aspects in life are like this...we must move farther away from what we want in order to reach our goal in the end.  A power greater than ourselves is in control for a period of time, and we must focus on survival and keeping our head.  Only those with mental strength and courage survive.   In business, sometime we are caught in riptides ... unpredictable, rapidly changing events, out of our immediate control.  Larger, complex issues drive our organizations, and we must find a way to swim in these turbulent seas.  This situation is when we need to heed the counter-intuitive advice.  We must swim with the business currant, even if it is appears to be taking us farther away from where we thought we wanted to go.
Survival is dependent upon an accurate assessment of the strength of the wave and our position in it.  To fight it could mean being taken under.   When we move with the current conditions and wait for a break in the surge, we find a place to regain strength and learn to rebuild again.  Not only do we survive, we find that we have been carried to entirely new place with more opportunities.  Instead of fighting the wave, we should use its power to project us forward to unseen horizons.

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