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09.06 20130

A Job Well Done…

By: michelemuse Categories:Agile

In a car race, the announcer always states, "Gentlemen (and now ladies too, of course), start your engines!"   There is a lot of excitement at this point...many hopefuls and anyone could win; however, who wins is really determined by the skill and techniques employed by the driver.  The race is long, and those prepared to adapt with agility to unforeseen circumstances come to the checkered flag with unprecedented success.
I know lots of people who pride themselves on starting things is such a useless activity to start something if you have no follow through.  I know those with a tag line of  "I start things;" however, my tag line is "I finish things."  The heart of business value and value to humanity is in finishing things ...delivering.  I have heard sports figures boast about being "the mailman" because they always deliver.  We can laugh, but there is a lot of importance in striving to be the one that always delivers.  In business, we should set a goal of "becoming a mailman," a person who consistently delivers through tough conditions.  There is a saying that things are best at the beginning, but I argue that things are best at the end, when you can demo the value you created for the world .  Let's focus less on "starting-up"  and more on "finishing up".  The focus on Agile iterations always is delivering on ideas, not just the ideas themselves.  This focus on delivery lets companies continually modify ideas to turn them into something of value for the world that is released on a regular, frequent basis.
To reach the pinnacle of success, we must move past the excitement of starting to a point that we focus on the precision and hard work of execution.  For those who work hard and strive for excellence, "things are best at the end."  The proper business framework keeps us disciplined enough to not be distracted by the excitement of starting, knowing the real excitement is at the finish line.  For some, things are best at the beginning, and that is because they never reach a satisfactory end.  The excitement of beginning is fleeting... there is nothing more fulfilling than a job well done.

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